Mod Features

More Power , Longer Battery Life , Fully Customizable + A wide array of attachments just to name a few!

Customize it

Mods Are highly customizable , customize your mechanical or variable voltage mod with a wide array of Rbas & 510 attachments

More Power

By using High Power Lithium batteries Mods deliver much more power than conventional vaporizers Allowing for Thick vapor clouds every single pull!

Battery life

By using Replaceable 18350 / 18490 or 18650 batteries instead of Built in recharables Mods allow for Drasticly longer Battery life as well as Durablity

So Whats A Mod?

Mechanical mods are unregulated mods that operate by point of contact, therefore, the device is powered by the battery touching the contacts in the unit. Mechanical mods dont have Any circuit boards or wires while Variable Voltage mods often will include boards , sensors and electronics to add to the presision of the vaping experience at the expense of more components that can potentially need servicing later on.  The output voltage of a mechanical mod will vary according to different factors such as the size of battery that is being used or if the battery is fully charged or not, While a variable voltage mod can be programmed to exact voltage and temperatures , Both offering Unique trade offs depending on the Vapers needs , The choice is yours!You can Think of a regulated mod kind of like a car Rpm Limiter. Motors often use whats called a rev limiter that holds you back from over revving your engine rpm's past the recommended limits. When activate a Regulated Mod, you can feel the vapor clouds slowly filling up in your mouth. On the other hand a Unregulated Mod or a Mechanical Mod is sort of the "turbocharged" version of a mod. Each time you go to activate a Mechanical Mod, it feels like turbo charged vapor clouds are Pouring into your mouth!

Which Mod is for you? Check the Reviews !

If your looking for a solid mod setup youl need to consider a trade off thats dependent on your unique needs or preferences, With unregulated mechanical Mods you don't get a nice fancy LCD screen with a hit counters, extra add on features & Cpu's like the regulated mods generally have, mechanical mods are a lot more suitable for people who need a more durable mods without the need for additional features or the potential of needing to have their mod serviced in the future while many other advanced vapors prefer all the bells and whistles from a Chipped Mod such as the Vamo or Zmax , What ever your choice Either will deliver HUGE clouds and a enjoyable experience every time, You Cant lose!

Tip: If your goal is making huge thick clouds of vapor every pull then a Rebuildable Atomizer paired with Either kind of Mod is Definatly your best choice. Many Mechanical Mods, such as the Kamry KTS or Elite Hybrid Mod come with both! For the most advanced users, a King Mod or Nemesis Mod paired with an RDA would probably be your first pick. Check out our wide selection Only At Pier420 where we carry the latest in Vaporizers , Mods , & everything 420!!

Some Prices of our Top Selling Mod sets

All sets Ship with 2-3 Day First class Shipping!



Complete Set

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Bottom Lock Protection System
  • Uses 18350 / 18490 or 18650 batteries

Kato Hammer


Complete Set

  • Silver-Plated Connections
  • 316 High Quality Stainless Steel Body
  • Air holes on the Bottom for Battery Ventilation

Vamo V5


Complete Kit

  • Adjustable Voltage from 3.0-6.0
  • Adjustable Power from 3 Watts to 15 Watts
  • Test Atomizer Resistance



Complete set

  • Adjustable 510 Contact Pin
  • 100% Brass Top Atomizer Cap and Locking Ring
  • Silver-Plated Positive and Negative Contact Pins

You should go with A mod setup If your goal is making huge thick clouds of vapor every pull with the ability to use replaceable High power batteries rather than replacing the entire power unit itself like many vaporizer pens after numerous recharges. If your goal is to customize & fine tune to a very specific setup then a Rebuildable Atomizer paired with Either a Mechanical or variable voltage Mod is Definatly your best choice.

No lithium battery powered device is 100% safe given the amount of energy stored in what is a comparatively small battery. Electronic ecigarettes are generally safer than mechanical mods due to their inbuilt safety features that protect against faults such as short circuits. However, good quality mechanical mod equipment in the hands of an experienced person is quite safe to use.

Mods can be a great choice for vapers who use rebuildable atomizers. When rebuilding, it is often necessary to fire the mod to examine how your coil is performing and make adjustments. A regulated or variable voltage/wattage mod may just stop working or display an error code if there is a problem or issue, whereas a mechanical will still fire. This will allow the user to make adjustments “under load” or as the device is being firing without waiting for the device to reset or clear the codes. Those who rebuild tend to like this. Using proper techniques it could be argued that a mechanical makes rebuilding, well, easier. However, it is not a hard and fast requirement to have a mechanical mod to use rebuildable atomizers.

The Innokin Lily like most modern ecigarettes allows for self filling of prefered ejuices , theres tons of flavors out there and theyre all compatible with the Lily, Find your favorite flavor mix today at Slims Ejuice!

Most All atomizers will fit any mod now days as the most popular thread embraced by the industry has without a doubt been the 510 thread. Almost all atomizers are "510" connections now days and because of this just about any mod worth its salt is built to accept 510 thread attachments.

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VV/VW means variable voltage/wattage. Meaning there is some sort of chip in the device monitoring your power out put and making sure its consistent.

Rba stands for Rebuildable Atomizer Rda stands for Rebuildable dripping atomizer , both can be deassembled to replace coils wicks and various parts.

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